Growing Demand

The digital banking market is forecasted to reach
$9 trillion dollars by 2024 and 8% annual growth rate

In 2019, five large global banks plan to spend
$44 billion on digital transformation.

FinTechs are beginning to bring financial services to underserved populations and into markets where banks don’t dare to tread…

January, 2021

Thanks to customer demand and regulations on how customer data can be gathered and used, open banking has seen rapid growth throughout…

January, 2021

Mexico saw eCommerce sales increase more than 40% during 2020 and is now considered the second-largest eCommerce market in Lain America…

December, 2020

COVID-19 is accelerating technology adoption across all industries in Latin America, the financial services sector is experiencing some of the fastest progress….

December, 2020

Chile’s Ministry of Finance revealed that it aims to streamline the development of its regulatory framework for Fintech and Open Banking…

November, 2020

Covid has shown that LatAm fintechs have a lot of potential in terms of financial inclusion – and so do banks…

October, 2020

Regulatory changes make it easier for people to switch current accounts, credit cards, mortgages and consumer and auto loans to new financial services providers…

October, 2020

The transformation is led by Claudio Yamaguti, an experienced executive in the payments market, who chaired the Network (Redecard) and commanded Itaú Unibanco’s operation…

September, 2020

In the past five years, banking in Latin America has undergone a massive transformation, triggered by the arrival of fintech companies offering low-cost, digital-only banking services…

September, 2020

Since 2016, Mexico’s fintech startup scene has seen an annual growth of 23 percent, with 60 percent of new startups receiving funding, according to the Report on Fintech in Latin America 2020….

August, 2020

Digital bank accounts via Google Pay: BBVA will offer interested consumers digital bank accounts through Google Pay – Customer benefits, strategic alignment: Customers will benefit from Google’s…

August, 2020

FinTechs are creating open banking solutions and several are leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) to support platforms that connect banks…

July, 2020

Technology investments in Brazil’s banking sector increased by 48% year-over-year to 8.6bn reais (US$1.6bn). An annual survey consultancy Deloitte is carrying out for local banking…

July, 2020

Forbes has partnered with market research firm Statista to measure the best banks in nearly two dozen countries. Statista surveyed more than 40,000 customers worldwide to learn…

June, 2020

Latin Americans are buying on digital channels like never before. And this wave of rapid digitization is likely here to stay. Those who had not yet bought online before are being highly…

May, 2020

According to the latest research commissioned by Mastercard and prepared by Americas Market Intelligence, digital banking is here to stay, and today’s current pandemic is…

April, 2020

Even though COVID-19 has reached Latin America later than other regions of the world, local banks are not immune to the phenomenon.

March, 2020

Lindsay Lehr was joined by Arnold Reyes, VP and Head of Digital Partnerships at Visa, and Alex Moura, VP of Product Management at Mastercard to discuss 6 mega-trends…

February, 2020

What innovations should be prioritized to ensure that cross-border transactions become faster and simpler while remaining secure.

January, 2020

By 2030, most banks will be made irrelevant, according to Gartner. Within 12 years time, 80% of financial firms will either go out of business or be rendered irrelevant…

January, 2020

Mercator Advisory Group’s most recent consumer survey report, Credit Cards: Still the Card of Choice, reveals that consumer interest in card controls increased to 47%.

December, 2019

As digital payments take hold in the region, they are taking many forms. For example, mobile banks (sometimes called neobanks) offer some traditional banking services…

November, 2019

The evolution of Fintech in Latin America offers perfect conditions, as these innovations serve to improve public, private and personal activities. Mexico, Brazil, Colombia…

October, 2019

Latin America is an especially compelling region for the emergence of super apps, due to its vast population, almost 650 million, distributed in more or less similar countries…

September, 2019

The Gartner Hype Cycle highlights emerging technologies financial institutions should experiment with over the next year to progress their digital business and business ecosystems.

August, 2019

Banco Galicia is immersed in a technological transformation effort to reshape the institution based on four pillars: diffusion, experimentation, open banking and AI. (VIDEO – Spanish)

July, 2019

A new wave of European fintechs are planning a new invasion into banking, promising to disrupt the incumbent banking industry with nimble business models…

July, 2019

The promise of digital transformation is that, with the right mix of strategic focus, talent, creativity, and investment funding, the legacy bankncan morph into a high-flying, digital-first bank.

June, 2019

New players are emerging with technologies to address the needs of consumers and businesses alike, including digital challenger banks, payments processing firms, mobile payment apps and…

June, 2019

As predicted, the EMV fraud chargeback liability shift has resulted in a significant drop in counterfeit card present payment transactions. At the same time however, we see a spike in…

May, 2019

Banco Santander will spend EUR20 billion on digital technology over the next four years as part of an efficiency effort aimed at slashing EUR1.2 billion in annual costs.

April, 2019

If you’re wondering if we’ll see a financial shake-up in 2019, the answer is yes—at least when it comes to digital transformation.

January, 2019

The evolution and progress that has occurred regarding the measurement and analysis and the examination of new dimensions relevant to the ecosystem.

December, 2018

While some banks are pushing the envelope on technology-enhanced customer engagement, many are still catching up to customer demands for self-service features…

November, 2018

E-commerce is expected to gather pace in Latin America in the next few years and Brazilian online payments fintech EBANX wants to capitalize on the trend, by bridging the transactional gap…

October, 2018

The credit card market is transitioning to the next phase of competition, one where issuers not only compete to acquire new customers, but one where issuers must compete…

September, 2018

More and more bank owners and managers are aware of the benefits of implementing mobile marketing as part of their business strategy. According to the 2018 Guide To Financial Marketing…

July, 2018

With 85% of banks citing implementation of a digital transformation program as a business priority for 2018, investment in technology to…

January, 2018

Most cardholders have experienced it that feeling of embarrassment and frustration at the POS when a payment card is mistakenly declined due to suspicion of fraud.

November, 2017

Allowing consumers to control their debit card to set spending limits and turn the card on and off is leading to higher debit spending, as one payment processor reports.

October, 2017

Making life better for our customers can be as simple as making it easier for them to safeguard and manage their own finances. LockIt gives Regions customers more security, flexibility and convenience to ensure their cards are used how they want, when they want. LockIt was implemented using First Performance Global, an innovative technology platform that captures card transaction data in real time.

~Scott Peters, Head of Regions Consumer Services

This release reaffirms the constant pursuit by Bradesco of digital technologies that add value and facilitate the daily lives of consumers, making the client experience more secure, fast, simple and adapted to the Brazilian consumer needs and habits.

~Alexander Rappaport, CEO of Bradesco Cards

Nexus has always sought to deliver highly valuable and innovative services to our customers and shareholders. We believe this partnership with First Performance continues to demonstrate our strong commitment to excellence and will contribute greatly to improved service between our customers and their cardholders, this agreement is fully consistent within the whole company strategy.

~Gabriel Cifuentes, CEO of Nexus