Powering Subscription Management &

Digital Engagement for the World’s Largest Banks

Agile and Flexible Technology that Powers Digital Strategies

Real-time Decisioning Platform

First Performance Global provides a Software Platform that connects to the authorization stream for real-time authorization decisioning. The digital integration of SwiftBox modernizes systems without any overhaul and allows you to standup new environments quickly to create and test new features.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployments provide constant feature and code updates and a highly automated platform that scales with the business.

Digital Self Service Capabilities

Drive customer engagement with smarter digital products and services that are easily testable and accessible from every device. The Platform lightens the load on adding features to legacy systems.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Increase security and compliance by protecting sensitive transaction data with tokenized PAN information. Leverage in-memory database to run your backend with limited size and scope for faster lookups and decision making.