Platform Features


Collect location data for a reliable merchant baseline

0 Million

people's credit cards are falsely blocked at checkout annually

Identify merchants through geolocation: single, multi and mobile locations

Build a reliable data model for merchant geolocation

Track merchant movement over time, based on authorization and locality data

Link cardholder transactions to merchant locations

Make better decisions analyzing cross-border transactions

Decrease false positives for an enhanced customer experience

Offer location-based rewards for real-time incentives

Enable enhanced predictive modeling

Social Media Bots

Enable your cardholders to engage through their preferred channel

0 Billion

Facebook messages sent monthly between businesses and customers

Minimize friction for your card holders

Connect with cardholders on a personal level

Enable digital channel choice

Dynamically interact with cardholders based on trigger events


Provide one-to-one messaging at the fraction of the cost

Increase cardholder interaction and drive additional spend and frequency

Engage a broader and younger demographic

Gain a direct link into cardholder’s social community for new acquisitions

Controls and Self-Service

Engage and empower your cardholders

0 %

of cardholders want to be able to turn their cards off and on

Base Features

Card On / Off

Channel Controls


Limits and Budgeting


Extended Features

Travel Controls


On for One


Recurring Transaction Control

Alerts and Messaging

Communicate in real-time with your cardholders

0 %

of cardholders want to instantly view transactions

Transaction Level Alerts

Approvals, declines, and blocks

User Level Alerts

Global, specific to card, threshold, MCC groups, country and cross-border, and channel alerts

Administrative Level Alerts

BIN and sub-BIN, card specific, and transacted at merchant in specific timeframe

Delivery Method

Choose one or all: SMS, Push, Email, Facebook Messenger


Management and Reporting

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

Collect & use data for more informed decisions

Enable cardholder segmentation & messaging

Present relevant offers & promotions


Transaction analysis & time based metrics

Data export for improved analytics

Real-time transaction & financial information

Call Center Management

We provide all you need to launch the platform and manage cardholders efficiently in your own environment


Controls and Filters

Call Center Sessions

Reason Codes

Single Sign-on

API or standalone integrations

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