Who we are

First Performance Global was founded in 2014, by a team of innovators with over 150 years of combined experience in the card and payments industry. The company is headquartered in Atlanta’s technology hub with a presence in South America, Europe and Asia.

We deliver an innovative platform with real-time card data, geolocation, controls, alerts and messaging, self-service, management & reporting, and call center management. The company has strong alliances with financial leaders as investors, technology leaders as partners, and industry leaders as customers.

What we do

First Performance Global provides an innovative platform that captures card transaction data in real-time, through integration with existing card authorization systems. It enables card issuers to add value to their payment network by delivering card controls, real-time alerts, and self-service capabilities across multiple digital channels.

The platform monitors the ISO 8583 transaction messages and collects real-time data for all card transactions (credit, debit, pre-paid, commercial, corporate, fleet) providing the ability to offer more relevant incentives and rewards at the time of the transaction. Issuers can analyze their cardholder’s purchasing behaviors and introduce products and services that have a higher probability to drive new revenue streams and reduce operating expenses.

Cardholders are provided with self-service account management capabilities that allow them to set parameters, monitor activity and initiate an action, like turning their card on or off or establishing in what locations the card will work. Cardholders also enjoy an intuitive, user-friendly experience that increases satisfaction and strengthens loyalty. Issuer’s operating expenses can be decreased through augmenting fraud data, enabling geolocation features, and reducing customer service calls by providing cardholder self-service via apps and social media.

The platform offers real-time alerts and messaging on multiple digital channels (SMS, push notification, and Facebook Messenger bots) on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. This provides important and timely notifications to cardholders and helps issuers stay in compliance with recent mandates.

The business value and benefits span across both issuers and their cardholders. The platform empowers cardholders with self-service automation and personalized management of their accounts. It provides issuers with an expanding platform to address timely market conditions, to stay competitive, and to have a flexible set of tools to meet future business, market, and regulatory demands.

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