Reduce Fraud Cost
with Geolocation


Manage Your Accounts via
Social Media Bots


Unlock the Potential of Your
Existing Payments Network

Maximize the value of your existing payments network

First Performance Global delivers a feature-rich platform that augments card transaction data in real-time and enables card issuers and processors to reduce fraud and operational costs, create new revenue streams, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The platform collects real-time data for all card brands and card types, credit, debit, pre-paid, commercial, corporate, fleet, and private label. Features include card controls, real-time alerts, geolocation services, management and reporting, and other self-service capabilities across multiple digital channels.

Transformational Technology

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  • Maximize the value and
    protect the investment made
    in your existing payments
  • Interact with cardholders
    through the digital channel
    of their choice, SMS, Push,
    Email or Social Media Bots
  • Deliver new revenue
    streams by augmenting
    real-time data to create
    relevant products and
  • Empower cardholders with
    choice and control,
    increasing satisfaction and
  • Leverage transaction data,
    card controls, and
    geolocation to reduce fraud
    and call center costs
  • Decrease false positives &
    servicing costs, enhancing
    your cardholder’s

Real-time transaction insights

Expansive geolocation capabilities

Data analytics, reporting, management

Real-time messaging & Alerts

Decrease false positives & servicing cost

Drive new revenue streams





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